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Welcome to the greatest selection of Maine Coon kittens

We specialize in European giant Maine Coons that are bigger in size and weight than American Maine Coons.

European giant Maine Coons have an expressive, often described as "intelligent" look.  In fact, Maine Coons have been known to be "the most intelligent" cats. People described Maine Coons as the cats "that communicate with their eyes." 

Black Smoke and Black Tortie Smoke Maine Coon kittens are our specialty.

True Black Smokes are a tough find and Black Tortie Smokes are even more rare.

Please contact us to see if a kitten you find is available or join our waiting list for our Smoke kittens.

Our Guarantee

  • We ship world-wide

  • White glove personal delivery

  • Strict health/genetic testing

  • 5-year health guarantee

  • All cats are TICA registered

Available Kittens

Below, you will see a list of all the currently available Maine Coon kittens. To ensure the kitten is still available or if you wish to reserve one, please contact us directly. 

Text or call us: 323.590.8670


Blue Smoke Tortie Female
Available for $5500
Born September 24, 2022

Misty is one in a million Maine Coon kitten. She is not only a blue smoke but a tortie has well. This girl will be out of this world gorgeous when she is an adult. She is such a diva, always wants to hog all of the attention. Super cuddly and loves everything and everyone. Misty is available with  a breeder we work with closely in Roy, Utah. Like for all of our Maine Coon kittens, personal delivery is available worldwide, and at no cost to California only.

Black Smoke Tortie
Available for $4500
Born November 6, 2022

Venus is a gorgeous black smoke tortie. Her coloring is among my favorite Maine Coon colors. The black smoke tortie develops into a majestic tortie with the gorgeous smoke mane that frames the signature Maine Coon face. Venus is a cuddler already and is quite content snuggling up in a lap. Available in Utah and can be delivered to major airports in CA for no additional cost.


Black Tabby Tortie (Torbie) Female
Available for $4800
Born October 30, 2022

Venezia is a black tabby tortie, a torbie, which is a color that we hardly ever see. Her Mom is one of our biggest Maine Coons, Nikita, who is almost 20 pounds at just two years old! Venezia is very loving and outgoing. The perfect Maine Coon kitten who loves to cuddle and play.


Details to follow.

Solid Black Female
Available for $4500
Born September 6, 2022

Onyx is a gorgeous solid black female out of one of our biggest males! She is a laid back and sweet Maine Coon kitten. She is available as a spayed pet with one of our favorite breeders here in Utah. Please contact us for more info.


Details to follow.


Details to follow.

Red & White Male
Available for $2800
Born August 2, 2022

This darling boy  is the sweetest boy and is quite the laid back gentleman. He loves to play but he loves to relax on the couch even more! Aslan is a HUGE Maine Coon kitten. He is available in Arcadia, CA with an exceptional breeder that we work closely with. He can be delivered to Utah, all fees are included

Black & White Male
Available for $4500
Born November 6, 2022

This beautiful black and white male is so typical of a Maine Coon. He is sweet as honey and very gentle. He is very curious about faces and likes to get super close. He is super affectionate and is a total lap kitten. Brother to Viktor who is flying to Boston to live with Linda. Viscount is available here in Sandy, Utah.
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