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Welcome to the greatest selection of Maine Coon kittens

We specialize in European giant Maine Coons that are bigger in size and weight than American Maine Coons.

European giant Maine Coons have an expressive, often described as "intelligent" look.  In fact, Maine Coons have been known to be "the most intelligent" cats. People described Maine Coons as the cats "that communicate with their eyes." 

Black Smoke and Black Tortie Smoke Maine Coon kittens are our specialty.

True Black Smokes are a tough find and Black Tortie Smokes are even more rare.

Please contact us to see if a kitten you find is available or join our waiting list for our Smoke kittens.

Our Guarantee

  • We ship world-wide

  • White glove personal delivery

  • Strict health/genetic testing

  • 5-year health guarantee

  • All cats are TICA registered

Available Kittens

Below, you will see a list of all the currently available Maine Coon kittens. To ensure the kitten is still available or if you wish to reserve one, please contact us directly. 

We can only hold a kitten with a deposit that we accept via Zelle or Venmo. Kittens are available unless reserved.  Please be certain that you are a ready for a Maine Coon kitten before reserving. Our deposit to be placed on our waitlist for a future litter is $250,

 $500 if the litter is due within two weeks.

A $1000 deposit is required to reserve an available kitten of your choice. 


Deposits are not refundable under any circumstance.

Our website does not load correctly on mobile phones. To see all of our available kittens please view our website from a desktop or laptop computer.

Text or call us: 323.590.8670


High Contrast Black Smoke Male
"Lord Voldemort"
living His best life with
Christiana in Santa Barbara.

Photo taken by Christiana


Black Smoke Male

Born November 16, 2022

Thor is an incredible fluffy, giant Maine Coon kitten. He loves to cuddle more than anything else and will follow you around until you give in. Thor was reserved since he was a week old and unfortunately his new owner has an unforeseen difficulty that has come up and he is no longer able to take him. He is available now in Roy, Utah with delivery to CA included at no extra cost.


 Red Classic Tabby
Available for $4800
Born April 15, 2023

Conrad has the perfect face with the signature European Maine Coon high cheekbones and square muzzle. He is the perfect example of a Maine Coon kitten who will develop into a stunning gentle giant. Conrad is available with our partner in Roy, Utah. Personal delivery available anywhere in the US.


Calico Female
Born February 21, 2023

Aphrodite is a gorgeous calico female Maine Coon kitten. She is sweet as honey and loves to be carried. She stands up to her big brothers but licks them to make peace as soon as she's done showing them who's boss. She will do well in a household with other pets and kids. Aphrodite is available in Sandy, Utah with delivery available to Los Angeles at no extra cost. Personal delivery available in the US for the cost of the flight and pet in cabin fee.

Prince Albert 2_edited.png

Black & White Male
"Prince Albert"
Available for $3800
Born February 21, 2023


Prince Albert loves to cuddle and especially loves belly rubs! He has a big appetite and never refuses some roasted chicken. He will be a big guy! He is available here in Sandy, Utah with personal delivery available anywhere in the US.

Solid Red  FeMale
Available for $4800
Born March 19, 2023

This darling solid red Maine Coon is the sweetest girl and is quite the laid back lady. She loves to play but she loves to relax on the couch even more!  She is available here in Sandy, Utah. She can be delivered to Los Angeles, all fees are included.

Black & White Male
Available for $3500
Born November 17, 2022

This beautiful black and white male is so typical of a Maine Coon. He is sweet as honey and very gentle. He is very curious about faces and likes to get super close. He is super affectionate and is a total lap kitten. Brother to Viktor who is flying to Boston to live with Linda. Viscount is available here in Sandy, Utah.

Black Classic Tabby Male
Available For $4800
Born May 1, 2023

This darling boy is quite the looker with those big ears. He is a classic black tabby smoke. He will be mostly black with exquisite tabby markings. Skywalker is a sweetheart and will do well in a home with kids and other pets. He is available in Sandy, Utah. Personal delivery available anywhere in the US and included to Los Angeles.

Calico Female
Born November 17, 2023

Jupiter is a gorgeous Maine Coon kitten. Calico Maine Coons are harder to find than many other colors. She is a bigger girl which may be due to her enormous appetite. This girl will eat all of her food and bully all her littermates out of theirs! When we say Maine Coons are more like dogs than cats, Jupiter proves that to be true with her appetite. She is a serious lover and will love you even if you ban her from the kitchen. Jupiter is available here in Sandy with delivery available to Los Angeles areas for no charge. 


Black Tabby Female
Available for $4800
Born January 25, 2023

Anastasia is a beautiful black tabby Maine Coon kitten with the most striking eyes. She is the most popular kitten in the litter and she knows it. She struts her stuff and is always the first to ask for attention. She loves to play and especially adores being carried around like the princess that she is. Anastasia is available in Roy with a breeder that we work with closely. 


Available For $4200


Our little chubby red and white Maine Coon kitten has the most cuddly personality. She rolls on her back for belly rubs just as soon as we start petting her. Her Mom is Nikita who is one of our biggest girls. Acacia would do well in a home where someone is home often so she can get all the loving she needs. She is here with us in Salt Lake City. Personal delivery available anywhere in the US.


Black Smoke Tortie
Born November 17, 2022

Venus is a gorgeous black smoke tortie. Her coloring is among my favorite Maine Coon colors. The black smoke tortie develops into a majestic tortie with the gorgeous smoke mane that frames the signature Maine Coon face. Venus is a cuddler already and is quite content snuggling up in a lap. Available in Utah and can be delivered to major airports in CA for no additional cost.

Venezia is a black tabby tortie, a torbie, which is a color that we hardly ever see. Her Mom is one of our biggest Maine Coons, Nikita, who is almost 20 pounds at just two years old! Venezia is very loving and outgoing. The perfect Maine Coon kitten who loves to cuddle and play.

Black Tabby Tortie (Torbie) Female

Living with Andra in Boulder

Born October 24, 2022


This stunning Maine Coon kitten is the pick of the litter. He is affectionate, loves attention already and is a huge boy at only a few weeks old. He will thrive in a home where he is the center of attention, preferably with kids and dogs. Please inquire with some details about your household if interested in our darling boy. Available in Sandy, Utah, delivery to Los Angeles available at no additional cost.


High Contrast Black Smoke Male

Born February 21, 2023



Calico Female

Born November 18, 2022

Kali is the queen of the house. She struts like she owns it all and doesn't give up the fight for the best toys until she wins. She is a social and outgoing girl who loves to give kisses. Kali is available in Roy, Utah.

Black Smoke Tortie

Available for $3800
Born November 17, 2022

Jupiter is a gorgeous black smoke tortie. She is a huge for a female, following in her 30 pound sires' footsteps.
Jupiter is a lover of cuddles and a non stop purr machine. Jupiter is available in Arcadia, CA.


Saturn is such a darling lady. She is sweet and cuddly and carries her self with as much grace as is possible in a young kitten. She loves to gently play with her littermates but can't wait to cuddle up on the couch as soon as it's time to relax. Saturn would do well in a home with kids and dogs if possible yet will also enjoy a home where she is a spoiled companion. She looks so grown up in her photo but in person looks just like her kitten self. She is available in Sandy, UT and can be delivered to Los Angeles for no additional charge. Personal delivery available anywhere in the US.

Blue Smoke Tortie Female
Born September 24, 2022

Misty is one in a million Maine Coon kitten. She is not only a blue smoke but a tortie as well. This girl will be out of this world gorgeous when she is an adult. She is such a diva, always wants to hog all of the attention. Super cuddly and loves everything and everyone. Misty is available with  a breeder we work with closely in Roy, Utah. Like for all of our Maine Coon kittens, personal delivery is available worldwide, and at no cost to California only.

Red & WHite Female
Born November 18, 2022

Kasha is a super confident little girl with a big personality. She loves chasing the birds through the windows and the first to come running during dinner time. Kasha loves young kids and wrestling with her dog friends. Kasha is reserved but we have a brand new red and white kitten that was just born.

Solid Black Female
Born September 6, 2022

Onyx is a gorgeous solid black female out of one of our biggest males! She is a laid back and sweet Maine Coon kitten. She is available as a spayed pet with one of our favorite breeders here in Utah. Please contact us for more info.
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