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Natasha flew all the way from Moscow with Charlie and Anastasia! She is a very outgoing and friendly girl who was purring the moment she came out of the carrier. Natasha produces beautiful kittens ranging from black smoke to red and white and of course beautiful torti kittens as well. Natasha is N/N for HCM.


Introducing Lakatosh!


Lakatosh is our dream Maine Coon kitten. She is a long awaited for addition to our program. She is our polydactyl blue eyed beauty, the rarest of the rare of Maine Coon cats. Lakotosh is not only beautiful but her personality is why we love and breed Maine Coon cats. She is attached at the hip with everyone in our family and is not relaxed unless she is in cuddling up with someone.  She will produce our poly blue eyed kittens. We do have a waiting list for Lakotosh's kittens that will be due late 2023. Please inquire if you would like to wait for a blue eyed polydactyl kitten. Lakatosh like all of our cats is fully tested and is 100%  congenitally and hereditary sound.

Coco Our White Princess


Coco is our youngest girl and a lover of laps. She is snow white with the fluffiest tail that goes for miles. She's the most demanding of love and attention out of our Maine Coon family. She's glued to the kids of the house and absolutely loves finding a lap and watching movies with us any time of the day. Coco has kittens that are available now!

Coco is N/N for HCM.


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Nikita is one of our biggest girls! Still under two and has lots of growing to do. We are excited to see how big she'll get. She has the sweetest personality and makes the most interesting little chirps. We are expecting kittens from Nikita this fall. Please email us to get on our waiting list.




Czarina is a stunning solid white odd eyed beauty. It is a rare site in Maine Coon cats. Beautiful and completely healthy. Odd eyes are affected by the same gene that affects the coats of white cats. Where white isn't considered a color but a lack of a color. We can't wait for Czarina's odd eyed kittens!



Zara is a stunning girl with such an adorable personality. She does the funniest things and still has the heart of a kitten. She loves being carried around and goes limp in your arms. She is the sweetest Mom and loves her kittens! Our current available kittens including Monroe and Sebastion are Zara's kittens. Zara lives with our partner in Southern CA.

Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 8.02.15 PM.png


Photo taken by breeder.

Picasso is a gorgeous blue girl who is sweet as honey. She has claimed my daughter as her other half and they are joined at the hip. Quite the intelligent girl, Picasso has figured out that when you knock on a door, someone opens it! Picasso is expecting a litter this winter. Picasso is owned by a breeder we work with in California.

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