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Big cats with even bigger personalities!

When we met our first Maine Coon we were completely swept off our feet. Not only was this kitten absolutely stunning, long and lanky, with soft, fluffy hair, he was more than we imagined a cat could be. He was playful and outgoing, yes, but more so he was instantly attached to us like a part of the family that had always been there. He followed us from room to room, cuddled up on the couch every evening to keep us company, and slept on our pillow every night. He understood when we were busy and gave us space if we needed it. He was instantly there when we were upset or not feeling well, he just knew when we needed him, time and time again. We have owned many cats and many different breeds before, they are all different but not one has the personality of a Maine Coon. We made the easy decision of breeding these cats, where our mission is to share this amazing breed with the world. Their size is just one unique feature, it's their hearts that will change your world.


Yes, it's true the first thing everyone sees when they look at a Maine Coon is their big size with their fluffy tails and pointy ear tufts. But what you don't see right away is their outgoing, loving and curious personalities.  As kittens they are brave and outgoing, not afraid of anything or anyone, big or small. Our kittens do wonderfully going into homes with other pets, especially big dogs! They absolutely love kids, and will be the best of friends when growing up together. They are the best mousers in the world, they will hunt any unwelcome pests in your home, from flys to spiders and everything in between. Maine Coons are the purrfect breed for most anyone. They will instantly become the center of attention and everyone's best friend.


Feel free to email us any questions. We typically have two litters a year and have a waiting list for each litter. Please research the breed and only inquire once you're 100% sure you can commit to be the lifelong family for our kittens. They get very attached to their humans and will be heartbroken if the bond was ever broken.

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Located in Arcadia, California, United States and Sandy, Utah.

Kittens available both in California and Utah!

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