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    (photo taken by Bocelli's breeder)

We are beyond thrilled to have this incredible boy to start our brand new lines here at MNM Maine Coons. Bocelli is a rare blue smoke with heterochromia (odd colored eyes) who came all the way from Germany. He is going to produce the most amazing kittens. Stay tuned to see kittens sired by Bocelli due early this Spring. Please contact us to get on Bocelli's kittens waitlist. Bocelli is N/N for HCM, PKdef and SMA.



Zorro is a massive Maine Coon. Coming up close to 30 pounds and just barely two years old, this boy is the biggest Maine Coon I have ever seen. His personality is just as big as his physical size. He is the biggest cuddle bug and lover. If you ever try to leave from giving him attention you need to quite literally escape. He will not let you leave willingly. Zorro produces giant kittens with the most loving personalities. We co-own Zorro with a breeder we work with closely in Roy, Utah. Zorro is N/N for HCM, SMA and PKdef.


Charlie came to us all the way from Moscow! He just turned a year old and is huge! He already weighs 21 pounds and has more growing to do! Charlie has been genetically tested and is N/N for HCM.





Introducing Hercules, our HUGE stunning red and white male with the most amazing personality. Sire of our current Spring litter. Hercules isn't even two yet and already a gentle giant. 


Hercules loves to cuddle!

Hercules test result hcm.jpeg
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